Blood Flow Restriction Certification & Resources

Our mission at H+ Cuff is to help educate and empower clinicians regarding the safety, benefits, and outcomes when implementing Blood Flow Restriction.

Each Complete Set purchase includes our 2 Credit BFR Certification Course (approved for Physical Therapists in 31 states for 2022). 

We also include: 

Download our Blood Flow Restriction Screening Questionnaire

Download our Blood Flow Restriction Informed Consent Form

Download the BFR Position Paper 

Blood Flow Restriction Screening Questionnaire

Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs Consent Form

Marketing Materials: 

When purchasing our Blood Flow Restriction Set you will receive high-resolution, full-page, image downloads to print and user as promotional handouts, flyers, or patient awareness at your front desk. Many clinicians charge cash prices for Blood Flow Restriction Therapy and you may list your price with a simple sticker at the bottom of the flyer.

Blood Flow Restriction Marketing
BFR Cuffs Marketing Poster
Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs Marketing Poster


User Guide:

Our eBook/User Guide has all the information you need to begin implementing Blood Flow Restriction Therapy. Photos, protocols, precautions, contraindications, and case studies are all examined in this book.

This online BFR Certification Course has been approved for physical therapists in 31 states. 

Included FREE with every Complete Set Purchase

Take a quick look at the sample pages below. 

BFR Instructions & User Guide
How to Measure Limb Occlusion Pressure BFR
Blood Flow Restriction Protocols
Blood Flow Restriction Exercises
Blood Flow Restriction Instructions
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