BFR Cuff Specifications

We offer some of the most affordable and easy-to-use Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs on the market today. 

We have utilized clinician feedback and teamed up with some of the leading Blood Flow Restriction Therapy providers to come up with unique, easy-to-use cuffs. Our cuffs are 4-inches wide and now offer a new & improved securing strap. 

We offer both STRAIGHT and CURVED BFR Cuffs. The CURVED H+ Cuff 2.0 BFR Cuffs allow for better fit by mimicking the tapered nature of the human limb. 

For these reasons, we feel we have the BEST and most affordable Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs on the market today!

Our BFR Cuffs Are: 

1. FDA Listed as a Class 1 Medical Device

2. Single Bladder Design - No Gaps

3. Securing Strap to Prevent Shear

4. Easily Sanitized

5. Antimicrobial

6. Sweat Proof

7. Hold Pressure During Activity

8. Non-Tethered

9. FSA & HSA Eligible

10. Wide 4-Inch Cuffs Requiring Less Pressure

Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs - Wide Versus Narrow Cuffs

FDA Approved Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs - H+ Cuff

Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs - CURVED H+ Cuff
Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs - STRAIGHT H+ Cuff