Our Mission

H+ Cuff Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs were developed, designed, trialed, and tested utilizing a wide range of patient populations—from elderly homebound patients to elite athletes. With feedback and collaboration with some of the leading Blood Flow Restriction experts, we developed affordable BFR Cuff technology and provide accompanying education, support, and training. H+ Cuffs are a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Class 1 Medical Device, allowing clinicians and athletic trainers to use them with confidence.

Our H+ Cuff Blood Flow Restriction Sets supply you with everything you need to begin implementing BFR. The 40-page user guide provides you with extensive educational and usage information and is included with every set purchased.

Our Mission:

  1. To make a high quality, evidence-based Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs at an affordable price.
  1. To educate healthcare providers, practitioners and clinicians with Blood Flow Restriction knowledge so that BFR may continue to be used safely, effectively, and appropriately for all patient populations.
  1. Assist students and clinical researchers during their studies and trials of Blood Flow Restriction research in order to further the field of rehabilitation and strength training along with maximizing functional outcomes.

 We Support:

  1. Current clinical research in a variety of settings and countries.
  2. Clinician education through BFR education and product support.
  3. The Wounded Warrior Project by donating a portion of our proceeds. To learn more or donate, visit https://www.woundedwarriorproject.org
  4. The Aruna Project, by empowering women to overcome obstacles and achieve freedom. Learn more at www.ArunaProject.com