International Shipping

BFR Cuffs for Europe. Shipping to Britain, Germany, France, Switzerland, Australia and more 

We are proud to help bring Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs and Education globally. We have clinicians utilizing our BFR Cuffs in Europe, Asia, Australia, China, Canada, and the Middle East. 
We ship Worldwide for a flat rate shipping cost of $89 USD. Shipping times are typically 6-10 days via Priority Mail.
We do not charge tax or shipping on our International orders.
Complete check-out online with shipping address and your order will be shipped the next day!
Customer may be responsible for any customs fees, duties, taxes, or tariffs up to $60 USD. If customs fees for a single order exceed this $60 USD, we will reimburse you for any additional fees when provided with a receipt (for orders placed after May 27, 2019).
As always, feel free to email us at: "" with any questions.