BFR Rental Program

  • Rentals are $50 for the first two weeks to trial your BFR Cuffs with patients for Teletherapy. 

  • After two weeks, you may choose to purchase the BFR Cuffs or return them. 

  • We can ship directly to patient's homes to assist them with ongoing physical therapy services during the coronavirus quarantine. Please let us know if the shipping address is different from the billing address during checkout. 

  • Physical Therapists - this is an opportunity to expand your Telehealth services by providing more than just education. You can facilitate the use of Blood Flow Restriction Training for past, current, and future patients. Our BFR Cuffs are simple to use and we include exercise prescriptions in our eBook/user guide. 

  • As always, make sure you are utilizing FDA listed Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs. 

Email us for additional questions: