Delfi BFR & Johnny Owens reporting the importance of Wide Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs

At BFR Therapy we strive to maintain Evidence-Based Practice when reviewing the efficacy of Blood Flow Restriction Training and Therapy. In this Blood Flow Restriction Cuff study, Johnny Owens (Owens Recovery Science) and team discuss the importance of utilizing a wide cuff in order to reduce the amount of pressure on the skin tissue and nerves when measuring Limb Occlusion Pressure.

As far as we know, only Smart Tools Cuffs, Delfi BFR, and BFR Therapy/H+ Cuffs provide the wide cuffs promoted in this study. 

BStrong BFR Cuffs, Occlusion Cuff Elite, and EDGE Restriction Cuffs both have narrow width cuffs which require much more pressure to utilize effectively, potentially leading to increased nerve injury risk. 

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