Blood Flow Restriction Training for Athletes - Journal of Science & Medicine in Sport

In this study analysis, 12 BFR research studies were reviewed.

From the study: "This study aimed to collate current evidence regarding the efficacy of various blood flow restriction (BFR) strategies for well-trained athletes, and to provide insight regarding how such strategies can be used by these populations."

Conclusions from the study: "Current evidence suggests that low-load resistance training with BFR can enhance muscle hypertrophy and strength in well-trained athletes, who would not normally benefit from using light loads. For healthy athletes, low-load BFR resistance training performed in conjunction with normal high-load training may provide an additional stimulus for muscular development. As low-load BFR resistance exercise does not appear to cause measureable muscle damage, supplementing normal high-load training using this novel strategy may elicit beneficial muscular responses in healthy athletes."

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