Clinical Implementation of Blood Flow Restriction

This 2017 Exercise Science article discusses the implementation of Blood Flow Restriction into physical therapy practice. 

A great summary of the research concludes:

"Additional research is needed to examine the impact of BFR training on individuals with musculoskeletal dysfunction, which affects hundreds of millions worldwide and accounts for billions of dollars in direct and indirect costs (17). Fortunately, current evidence supports BFR training as a way to improve muscular strength and hypertrophy for individuals with musculoskeletal dysfunction (e.g., post-operative anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, pre-sarcopenia, knee osteoarthritis) (5). In addition, there may be benefits to utilizing BFR training with other clinical populations, such as individuals with compromised bone mineral density or those with neurological conditions (e.g., stroke and cerebral palsy)."

Read the full research article here:

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