Blood Flow Restriction: Wide Cuffs or Narrow Cuffs

Whether you are a physical therapists, elite athlete, or weekend warrior, when looking to purchase Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs it is important to consider the variety of options and how they may impact your rehabilitation or exercise routine. 

One of the most important differences between H+ Cuff BFR Cuffs and other BFR Cuffs (such as BSTRONG) is that H+ Cuffs utilize 4 inch wide cuffs. 

When designing evidence-based BFR Cuffs, we looked at what the current research (and common sense) deemed what is best and safest for all populations involved. For this reason, all H+ Cuffs are 4 inches in width. These wide BFR Cuffs allow for MUCH LOWER pressures to be utilized (Limb Occlusion Pressure is much lower with wide cuffs). 

The Prehab Guys have an excellent post that includes the basics of BFR and they mention the following: 

"It is our recommendation to use a cuff that is as wide as possible, as you need less pressure to the restrict arterial inflow. A wider surface area means lower pressure distributed below the cuff – potentially a safer environment for the more delicate neurovascular structures that are also below the skin."



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