Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs - Prehab Guys

This article, written by the Prehab guys, gives a good overview of Blood Flow Restriction therapy. They discuss the issue of BFR Cuff width, citing:

"It is our recommendation to use a cuff that is as wide as possible, as you need less pressure to the restrict arterial inflow. A wider surface area means lower pressure distributed below the cuff – potentially a safer environment for the more delicate neurovascular structures that are also below the skin."

H+ Cuff Blood Flow Restriction Cuffs were designed to be as wide as possible, yet still allowing for functional movement during a variety of exercises and activities.

The Prehab Guys go on to discuss the importance of individuals limb occlusion pressure (LOP) during Blood Flow Restriction therapy and the differences in pressure and activities when working with elderly patients versus athletes.

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